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Based in Charlotte, NC, we are Charlotte Exterminating, a versatile pest control service provider renowned for our comprehensive solutions tailored to address a variety of pest-related concerns. Our expertise spans Residential and Commercial sectors, positioning us among the best pest control companies in Charlotte NC. We use best-in-class methods and techniques to eliminate pests quickly and effectively, for long-lasting assurance. Beyond our proven track record, we have actively contributed to advancing safer, eco-friendly pest control practices. Our dedication to innovation is exemplified by our evolution to meet dynamic customer needs. Additionally, we are solely committed to a holistic approach that guarantees a pest-free environment while promoting sustainability.

Bed Bug Control

No matter if it is a luxury hotel, rental center, or your home brings do not discriminate! Disarming infestations with various Bed bug control solutions will make sure you will rest well at night!

Cockroaches Control

Our Charlotte NC pest control services are the best way to eliminate cockroaches. Our modern-made solutions are designed to eliminate these pests in an effective way that leaves only peace as their last impression on you.

Mice Control

Mice are small creatures but they disturb and create a high nuisance in any space. From food contamination to potential fire hazards, their presence isn't to be taken lightly. Rely on Charlotte Exterminating Inc to eliminate mice-related concerns and create a safer, healthier living environment.

Rat Control

Rats can cause serious damage to your health and wealth. Also, ignoring these small nuisance creatures can potentially harm your properties. At Charlotte Exterminating, rat control solutions will protect your home using strategic methods to eliminate disease-carrying rats, protecting your living space and creating a healthier atmosphere.

Spiders Control

We know and understand how troublesome it is to face the spider's web all along the walls but stop worrying about cleaning them every time. As Charlotte Exterminators will help you say goodbye to spiders. With us spider control is available for a variety of species. Get in touch with us for a free of the web and worry.

Ant Control

Ants might be the tiniest pest you can find at your kitchen, home or office but their persistence can be a big nuisance. So, if you find such issues related to ant infestation contact your Charlotte NC pest control services to eliminate all your ant related issues.

Wasp Control

Wasps can be dangerous and disrupt peace. Charlotte wasp control ensures the safe and swift removal of these stinging bugs. Let our exterminators protect your family from harm by efficiently removing the waps from your property and environment in a way that does not harm anyone, ensuring a wasp-free zone.

Bee Control

When bees find their ways into your residence's unwanted areas, it can be a stinging problem. But do not worry, as we understand the critical role bees play in the ecosystem, and our methods reflect that. Count on us to handle disturbance by bees effortlessly.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish can cause damage to your belongings, and even trigger allergies. Charlotte pest control can eliminate these nocturnal insects. Our comprehensive methods are designed to target silverfish habitats and prevent their invasion while maintaining the integrity of your property.

Mosquito Control

In Charlotte, NC, the typical mosquito season spans from early spring, starting in March and lasting through October. It is a prevalent issue across the area, making it one of the nation’s most mosquito-prone regions, increasing the risk of several widespread diseases.

Fleas Control

Pet-friendly homes deserve effective flea control. For this, you can rely on us as the leading pest control company in Charlotte NC to implement effective strategies for tackling flea infestations. Our expert strategies for flea removal will protect your home against itchy bites, and possible health issues.

Flies Control

Flies are not just annoying, but they can also carry and transmit diseases. From homes having Elderly and small children are suspecitable to becoming ill from these pests. But not anymore as our Charlotte pest control service will ensure a fly-free atmosphere. Our targeted methods eliminate flies right at their source, improving your living conditions and promoting cleanliness.

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