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Charlotte Exterminating, a local pest control business that is deeply rooted within the region of Charlotte, NC. We are a team of certified professionals who are highly trained, equipped with all the latest techniques to tackle a variety of pest related issues. Each infestation is different, so we customize our pest control. Charlotte Exterminating can help you with any pest problem, whether it’s bed bugs that are difficult to eradicate, termites or rodents and many more.

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Guaranteed Pest Removal with No Hassle for You

Our commitment is to make pest removal effortless, ensuring your home is a sanctuary free from unwanted guests.

Our commitment is to provide hassle-free services for pest control. You can be confident that when you select us, we will handle your pest problem professionally and with care. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and giving you a pest free environment.


Charlotte’s leading pest control company, setting the standards for excellence in customer service and pest management.


Our mission is to protect your property, health and business from the harming effects of the pest by providing safe, effective and environmentally friendly pest control services that surpass your expectations.

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