Bed Bugs on the Rise in North Carolina: What You Need to Know

In the state of North Carolina, there has been a huge concern rising over the last few years. The cases of pest infestations are among the top in this state and clearly, the bed bug infestations are seen severely rising. These tiny pests are creating huge problems and impacting the health, economy, and social well-being of residents and even tourists. Due to the bed bug rising the tourists and hospitality industry have seen issues. The reputation of hotels and stays has been at stake while for the residents it’s a concern as they can’t feel safe in their bedrooms. The latest survey reports by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services stated that the state is facing many bed bug-related health issues. This comprises many cases of skin irritation and allergic reactions. In the past year, the documented number of cases is around 2,500. This is around 35% more comparatively. Additionally, instances of secondary infections from bed bug bites have spiked by 50%, highlighting the potential health risks posed by these persistent insects.

The Unfortunate Economic Impact

The financial burden of bed bugs is significant. A  survey conducted by the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce reveals that businesses, particularly those in hospitality and housing, have suffered substantial losses due to bed bug outbreaks. In the last fiscal quarter, businesses reportedly incurred bed bug-related expenses exceeding $10 million, encompassing costs for professional extermination, property damage repair, and compensation for affected guests and tenants.

Beyond the financial strain, bed bug infestations carry a heavy social stigma. A recent poll by a local research firm (source needed) indicates that 72% of North Carolina residents would feel embarrassed or ashamed if their home or property became infested. Moreover, 60% expressed concerns about potential discrimination or social isolation from peers, family, and neighbors, underscoring the significant psychological toll of the associated stigma.

How to Prevent From Bed Bugs

Proactive measures are essential to combat the bed bug problem. Here are some steps residents can take:

  • Clean often: Vacuum your bed, furniture, and carpets regularly to suck up any bedbugs.
  • Seal up hiding spots: Patch cracks in walls and furniture so bed bugs can’t crawl in.
  • Wash in hot water: Wash your sheets, towels, and clothes in hot water to kill bedbugs and their eggs.
  • Skip the free stuff: Don’t bring in used furniture, mattresses, or clothes unless you know for sure they are bug-free.
  • Call a pro if you see them: If you spot bed bugs, call a pest control company right away to get rid of them fast.


It is quite not assured that after taking all the preventive measures, bed bugs can be eliminated, as their reproduction growth is quite higher. Besides that fact, to eliminate the bed bug infestations from the roots. Taking help from pest control companies and exterminators is the best approach. Even in recent times, the state has seen a severe surge in the services provided by pest exterminators and companies’ estimated growth is around 40%. Due to the rising market, many new companies have also been set up but with no experience. This is why it is an important approach to look for professional, local experts and the one who has all the modern tactics and equipment.  In this time of pest-eliminating hustles, the Charlotte Exterminator is the best choice as they offer custom-made strategies based on unique requirements and problems.  As North Carolina tackles the bed bug epidemic. It is essential to look forward to a collaborative effort involving government agencies, businesses, residents, and pest control professionals. By implementing proactive measures and fostering community awareness, the state can mitigate the impact of bed bug infestations and safeguard the well-being of its citizens.

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