Troubling Trend: North Carolina Grapples with Escalating Cases of Mouse Infestations

Over many years, mice have been the pests that share our property with us around the globe. In North Carolina over a few years mouse infestation became a very big problem. Due to the rise in temperature and continued development of concrete jungles,  natural habitats like mice were pushed to residential and commercial properties.

North Carolina is among the top states in the US in terms of mouse infestation issues. As per the recent reports by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS). It claimed that over 5,000 mouse-related incidents were reported in the state last year alone. Due to geographical conditions, humid climate, and overflowing bins contribute to an unfortunate production rate of mice, rats, and mice. There are many other names of mouse as you know like rats, mice and rodents. All these species are found in the state.

One of the major concerns about the mouse is not just the cause of diseases like Hantavirus which can progress to serious illness. But in many cases, it is witnessed that many big short-circuit blasts happen due to chewed wires by the mouse. Even in a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asked residents to take proactive measures to prevent mouse infestations and potential diseases transmitted by these rodents.

Top Five Challenges Caused by Mouse Infestations in North Carolina

Structural Damage: Mouse is a nuisance creator as they damage the furniture, can chew the extensive electric wiring, and insulation, and can cause safety hazards.

Disease Transmission: They are carriers of many pathogens and parasites. It means they can spread the risk of diseases like hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and salmonellosis.

Contamination of Food Supplies: In case of any open food, mice can contaminate them with their droppings, urine, and fur. This further leads to various foodborne diseases and financial loss for the house and businesses.

Fire Hazards: As said if there is any open-wire in any industry at your home and it comes in contact with the mouse, there is a high chance that they may bite the electrical wirings. All these combined likelihood of short circuits and electrical fires. It means they are a big threat to property.

How to Control Mouse Infestations

The state authorities including the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services have asked its residents to take all the preventive measures to safeguard themselves and their property. These preventive measures include; sealing entry points, eliminating food and water sources, and implementing traps and baits. Furthermore, it is advisable to maintain the utmost hygiene and proper sanitation to prevent the mice from establishing nests in residential and commercial spaces.

Moreover, it is also preferable that after taking all the preventive measures you can observe mouse moments at your property. Get in touch with a professional pest control organization as they employ all the latest equipment and modern strategies to combat the battle.

How to Choose the Professional Exterminators in North Carolina

When you get to know that all your homemade methods, strategies, and preventive measures aren’t working well in eliminating rats, mice, mice, or rodents. So, when you finally decide to call or get in touch with the professional exterminators in North Carolina. It is a must to do extensive research, look for testimonials, and licenses, and ask their custom methods and whether they are using eco-friendly methods or not. One such company is Charlotte Exterminating one of the most renowned local pest control experts known for its custom treatment plans and utmost client satisfaction. Their services aim to mitigate the adverse impacts of mouse infestations and restore peace of mind to residents across the state.

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